Why Democrats?

You may say to yourself, "Self, this political stuff is all well and good, but why should I give a Democrat my vote over anyone else? What's so great about them; what will they do for me?" Well, here are the issues that Democrats fight for (or at least are supposed to fight for), and if you believe in these values, you should vote for Democrats. (Or if you're too young to vote, at least try to get involved!)

Democrats want to lower taxes for the middle class. Contrary to popular belief, (or at least popular conservative propaganda), Democrats don't want to raise taxes for the middle class! This is a fact that the conservatives particularly like to distort, saying that Democrats are tax-lovers. Democrats want to lower taxes for the bottom 98%, only rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%, or those making over $200,000 a year! Those are the people who don't really need more tax cuts, the ones who already make enough money. This isn't anything personal to those in the top income bracket, you just don't need exemptions while the rest of us suffer from a huge deficit because of it.

Bill Clinton

Democrats believe in a balanced budget. The obvious sucess of the 1990s and "Clintonomics" showed us that balancing the budget creates large surpluses instead of large deficits associated with reckless spending. A sound economy starts with a sound financial plan; the government needs to do what every family in America does: keep to its budget.

Democrats believe in universal health care and they oppose privatizing social security. Democrats believe in a health care system for everybody in America. Currently, there are 46 million people without health care in the United States--including over 8 million children--and any sensible person would say that these people deserve the same coverage as the rest of us. Democrats also oppose privatizing social security. If social security is privatized, then companies get to decide how your social security is handed to you; they want to invest social security money in the stock market like a mutual fund, and if the market crashes you lose your money. Keeping social security public means that a certain amount of money is taken out of a worker's paycheck and the employer pays some money so that when the worker retires, they get the money through the program, which is presided over by the government. Which way would you choose?

John Kerry

Democrats support small businesses and oppose outsourcing. Democrats are for the common person and the small business, and don't just do whatever is in the interest of large corporations. They also want to stop the government from giving tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas. Instead, Dems want to give tax incentives to companies that keep jobs here in the United States. Thousands of high-paying jobs are being sent to other countries so that the corporations can take advantage of lower costs; meanwhile, our own country is paying the price.

Democrats are in favor of a smart environmental policy. Unlike the Bush administration, which refuses to believe that global warming is a problem, Democrats realize that global warming is, in fact, a pressing issue that must be dealt with now. We also must stop corporations from being able to freely pollute the water we drink and the air we breathe. These and other environmental issues, such as taking care of the ozone layer and preserving our forests, are things that Democrats fight for.

Al Gore

Democrats know how to keep schools strong. This is an issue particularly important for kids, seeing as it has to do with our education. Democrats want to fully fund and revamp the No Child Left Behind Act, which creates higher standards for children and teachers and that was proposed by Republicans but was denied funding by the very people who started the program. Dems also want to improve curricula in all schools, particularly in math and science. They also want to make sure that nobody is ever denied a student loan by the government so that all children can go to college.

Democrats are in favor of abortion rights. Granted, not all Democrats personally approve of abortions; however, most Dems support a woman's right to choose. They realize that even if they personally are pro-life, other people have a right to their own decisions. There have been over 40 million abortions in this country since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in 1973; imagine what would happen if abortions were made illegal?

John Edwards

Democrats support civil rights. This one is a no-brainer; most Republicans and Democrats (exept for racists or radicals) agree that blacks and other people of different races and ethnicities deserve the exact same rights as white people. Democrats support affirmative action, a program that allows minorities to get a job or admission to a college instead of a white person if the two are equally qualified. Democrats also want to allow immigrants to earn legalization and not be discriminated against.

Democrats want to take advantage of opportunities for scientific advancement. They know that we can't get anywhere as a country unless we embrace science and technology. Instead of cutting funding for scientific research, Democrats will fund programs like embryonic stem cell research, which can help find cures to debilitating diseases like Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. We need to let scientists do what they are supposed to do: help us understand everything in our world and our universe, from the age of the universe to stem cells.

Barak Obama

Democrats want a smart energy policy. We use 2.5 million barrels of oil from the Middle East every day. America needs to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, and research alternative fuel sources like wind and solar energy. Rules must be imposed on fuel efficiency for cars and trucks, and our Vice President shouldn't be having secret meetings with representatives from oil companies to decide what's best for energy policy and the environment. We need to stop fighting wars because of our dependence on foreign oil.

Democrats know how to combat terrorism. And this starts with not going into Iraq and diverting attention and resources from Afghanistan, where the masterminds of 9/11 still roam free. In order to combat terrorism, we need to stop creating terrorists! Our strategy needs to combine smart foreign policy with a creative homeland security policy. Democrats want to restore America's respect in the world and stop the policy of pre-emption that brought us to Iraq without the U.N.'s approval. We should never, ever, go to war because we want to, and we should never , ever, go to war without an exit strategy and a plan to keep the peace. Combatting terrorism starts with accepting the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, and we must make sure that the world is with us when we propose a plan for defeating these extremists who use fear as a weapon.

Hillary Clinton

These are just some of the policies that good Democrats will fight for if you help them get elected to office or Congress.