These are some valuable websites to visit in order to increase your knowledge, or to volunteer with a liberal/progressive organization. I also have some links to websites of newspapers and news organizations to which you can send e-mails expressing your grievances, or to say anything else you want to tell them.

Air America Radio. On AM radio (check for your local station) and online with streaming at

Too Stupid to be President. This is a website with tons of funny anti-Bush cartoons. (The creator must spend a lot of time on them!) This is a wonderful progressive organization. I encourage you to join!

Democracy for America. This organization was started by Howard Dean; this is another organization you should consider joining.

Democratic Underground. A site that has articles and blogs that you can look at.

Democratic National Committee. The website of the Democratic Party. Let's add some spine to Democratic elected officials; send letters, organize meetings, do anything you can!

Learn about the Downing Street Memo and how we could impeach Bush!

Michael Moore. This is Michael Moore's website. It includes lots of information, plus it has a section where Moore backs up everything he said in Fahrenheit 9/11 with all of the facts. If anyone ever says Fahrenheit 9/11 is a bunch of lies, send them here!

TrueMajority. TrueMajority is an organization started by Ben of Ben and Jerry's. Not only does he make good ice cream, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to social justice, protecting the environment, and fighting for children's rights. Yes, that What better place to buy liberal books, DVDs, or other paraphernalia?

Rabid Nation. This is a liberal blog site. (This website is on link from that site.)

Atrios. This is another great blog site.

The Center for American Progress. This is a non-partisan research organization that works to create a progressive, idea-driven America.

The New York Times. One of the country's most widely read newspapers. They have great columnists!

The Washington Post. Another big newspaper.

BBC News. The best news on the planet! It often seems that the BBC reports things that the American media is too afraid to cover.

CBS. One of the big networks.

NBC. Another big network.

ABC. The third big network.

CNN. A big news network.

Fox News. Watch out for these guys. "Fair and Balanced?" Please. Send them lots of hate mail!