Liberal America

The United States has gone liberal! If this statement seems hard to swallow, I suggest you hold your nose and take a look at these statistics showing the country's shift towards the left:

85% of Americans agree that gays and lesbians should get the same opportunities as straight people in the workplace. Half of us say that gays and lesbian couples should get the same benefits as married couples, and half the country also says that gays and lesbians should be able to adopt children. 70% of us believe that companies should give health insurance coverage to gay spouses, and 68% say that gay couples should get Social Security benefits.

83% of us agree with ideals of environmentalists. 60% of Americans want the government to research energy conservation instead of just using more oil, coal, and natural gas. Seventy-five percent think that the environment can be a serious problem in the U.S. 85% of the country are concerned about river and lake pollution, 82% worry about a polluted water supply and toxic waste, 78% are concerned about air pollution, and 67% say they are worried about the ozone layer. 89% of us recycle, and seventy-two percent make sure products they buy aren't toxic.

57% of the country says abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Sixty-two percent don't want Roe v. Wade overturned, and 59% believe that a woman and her doctor should decide whether or not the woman should have an abortion. 53% say it was a good thing to make abortion legal, while only 30% think it was a bad thing; fifty-six percent of Americans want women to have as much or more acces to an abortion than now.

94% of the country want to regulate the manufacture and use of handguns, and 86% still want it even if it increases the expense of guns.

73% of our fellow citizens want a required background check on people buying any gun, a five-day waiting period before you could receive a handgun, a police permit as a requirement to own a hadgun, childproof locks on guns, and a ban on people who abuse their spouses being able to buy guns. Even members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) in Michigan, one of the biggest hunting states, say there should be regulations. A market-research company polled NRA members in Michigan and they found that sixty-four percent of those polled believed that reporting private handgun sales should be mandatory, 59% favored laws requiring guns to be stored unloaded, 68 percent agreed that there should be uniform safety standards for all guns, American and imported, 56% think there should be a five-day waiting period before buying a gun, and fifty-five percent supported a ban of high-capacity magazines holding the ammunition.

58% of Americans think labor unions are good (according to a 2002 Gallop poll). A poll by AFL-CIO said 56% favored labor unions, and a Fox News poll put the number around 50%. Seventy-two percent of the country believes that our government doesn't pay enough attention to working Americans. And here's an interesting statistic: only 13.2% of workers are part of a union! 88% of working Americans have little or no trust in corporate executives, and 52% don't have any (or have very little) trust in corporate accounting. Seventy-four percent say that greed and a lack of morality have caused the problems inherent in our Corporate system, and 65% say that Corporate America must undergo drastic changes.

Eighty-six percent of our fellow citizens "agree with the goals of the Civil Rights movement" and 80% say "it is important for colleges to have racially diverse student bodies." Over fifty percent think that affirmative action is a necessity for those groups that might have been discriminated against in the past, or in the workplace and/or in the school systems now. "Seventy-four percent disagree with this statement: 'I don't have much in common with people of other ethnic groups and races' - which puts us ahead of Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia, when the same question is asked in those countries." (Dude, Where's My Country? p. 169) 61% of us say that we know at least one interracial couple, either dating or married, and 77% said they would adopt a child of a different race.

Eighty percent of Americans believe in universal health care. 52% would pay more money, through taxes or insurance premiums, to get universal health care. We pay $4200 per person each year for health care, while Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom, all with universal health care, pay $2400, $2300, and $1400 per person each year, respectively. The United States is the last industrialized country without universal health care, and the politicians who could give it to us all have their health care paid for 100%!

Statistics provided by Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore. If/when new statistics are compiled, this site will update them. (If any of you readers discover new statistics somewhere else before the site updates them, please e-mail us so we can keep the site as current as possible. Thank you!)