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Liberals have been fighting for years to implement policies and introduce ideas into the political system that will change this country for the better. I'm giving you a lot of information so you can judge the veracity of that statement for yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge, for knowledge is the greatest weapon you can wield! Get out there and inform others, and enjoy!

(And if you can't vote, there are still many other ways to help the country. Stay informed, stay involved, volunteer and stay active!)

Obama Becomes Democratic Nominee, Endorsed by Clinton
elementary With the delegates won in the last two Democratic primaries in Montana and South Dakota on June 3rd, as well as a mass movement of superdelegates on the same day, Barack Obama officially crossed the threshold of delegates needed to become the Democratic nominee for president. On Saturday, June 7th, Hillary Clinton gave a strong endorsement of Barack Obama as she suspended her own campaign in a speech in Washington, D.C. The presidential election is now focused on the presumptive nominees of the two major parties: Barack Obama, the Democrat, and John McCain, the Republican. The presidential election will take place on Tuesday, November 4th.

Democratic Primary Engaging Even the Youngest of Us
An article published in the New York Times on April 19 tells us that the Democratic Party's primary race is drawing so much attention and interest that even elementary school students are becoming involved. Several elementary schools across the country are holding student debates to discuss the candidates, followed by class straw polls to determine which candidate would win their support. It seems, based on their balloting, that Barack Obama is winning the under-10 vote. Also interesting is the multitude of television shows––even children's programming––on which the students have seen political ads. You can link to the article here.

Op-Ed in the
New York Times Advocates Lowering the Voting Age
An op-ed in the New York Times on February 6 said that 16-year olds should be allowed to vote, provided their high schools give them a standardized civics test and they pass. Once a voter turns 18, that person is free to vote without any requirements. The process is compared to that of getting a driver's license, with a permit at 16 and a full license at 18. The author also advocates phasing in other adult rights such as marriage, drinking, and the possession of credit cards. All of these rights, the author asserts, should be coupled with responsibilities that help young people ease into adulthood. For the full article, click here.

Young People More Liberal Than the General Population

According to a recent New York Times/CBS News/MTV poll, people between the ages of 17 and 29 are more likely to classify themselves as "liberal" than the general population. 28% of respondents classified themselves as liberal, while only 20% of the general population does. And while 32% of the country classifies itself as "conservative", only 27% of the respondents in the poll did. The same poll found that 41% of young voters favor gay marriage, 62% favor universal government-run health care, and 54% are planning to vote for a Democrat in the 2008 presidential election. This poll gives credence to the stereotype that younger generations are more progressive and forward-thinking than older ones! You can link to the New York Times article here.